Over the past year you may have heard about the FS-2500 Bypass Filtration System that is saving time and money for fisherman all over Alaska. Well, if you missed us the last time we were in town now is your chance to get in on the savings! We will be in Homer, November 9th through November 14th so you can see the FS-2500 with your own eyes! While we are in Homer we will:
  • Have demonstrations showing exactly how the FS-2500 works and answer all of your questions at the Best Western Bidarka Inn. Call 913-523-4453 and you can reserve your spot at one of the sessions being held on November 12th at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. You can also email us at and we will sign you up right away for a demo and/or survey of your boat!

  • We will also be available to look at your boat and set up a custom installation kit for the FS-2500. This no charge feature will allow you to install the FS-2500 in less than an hour when your unit and custom kit arrives!

  • Fisherman all over Alaska are completely stopping the wear in their engines and gensets using the FS-2500! Some you might know are:

    • Steven Roth - F/V Sea Grace
    • Dionici Reutov - F/V Dolphin
    • Ivan Fefelov - F/V Investor
    • Kenny Rogers - F/V Bruin Bay
    • Ilia Kuzmin - F/V Currency
    • Matt Alward - F/V Challenger
    • Timothy Moore - F/V Marandah
    • Lazaro Kuznetsov - F/V Magnum
    • Richard Corazza - F/V Malamute Kid
    • Larry Reutov - F/V Nite Lite
    • Weston Carroll - F/V Amber Dawn
    • Walter Polushkin - F/V Renegade
    • Mike Orth - F/V Rolfy
    • John Crosbie - F/V Silver Hawk
  • The average oil change using the FS-2500 is 1,250 hours or more saving thousands of dollars per year! Spread the word! You and your friends don't want to be left out.
CALL 913-523-4453 TODAY!

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